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ZVex’s Fuzz Fac­tory and In­stant Lo-Fi Junky

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The Fuzz Fac­tory is an undis­puted clas­sic of the gui­tar pedal world and was the first self­os­cil­lat­ing ger­ma­nium fuzz when ZVex cre­ated it in 1995. Based on a ’60s Fuz­ztone de­sign, it is vastly ex­panded by ZVex. So it has ’60s her­itage, is a ‘clas­sic’ of the gui­tar world but what does it bring to the Euro­rack for­mat? Well, we’d say to­tal de­struc­tion! Cue the devil horns, fire up some wave­forms and man­gle your way through fuzz de­struc­tion while throw­ing yourself around like Adam San­dler in Lit­tle Nicky, rock­ing out to Van Halen… Or take a calmer ap­proach to the softer fuzzy good­ness you can coax out of it, as the Fuzz Fac­tory is a fan­tas­tic tone shaper that can shape your synth tones with com­pres­sion, gat­ing and fuzz, and cre­ate par­al­lel pro­cess­ing with the dry/wet con­trol. Ev­ery­thing is CV-able so if over four bars you want your synth riffs to in­creas­ingly sat­u­rate you can have it. There’s also a ‘fat’ con­trol bring­ing in sub har­mon­ics adding ex­tra weight and thick­ness mak­ing it great for drum pro­cess­ing, FX chains and any kind of synth tone you throw at it.

The sec­ond mod­ule from ZVex is the In­stant Lo-Fi Junky, which will aid any kind of warped vinyl or mod­u­lat­ing tape style ef­fects. We’ve en­joyed run­ning acous­tic in­stru­ments through it just as much as mod­u­lar synths but what­ever you throw at it you can name your new band Boards of Maple as it will take you into those lovely warm and thick lo-fi tex­tures that just ooze char­ac­ter. Like the Fuzz Fac­tory adap­ta­tion, we get CV over ev­ery­thing which eas­ily val­i­dates port­ing both mod­ules into the for­mat.

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