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As with older synths, there is an on­go­ing fas­ci­na­tion with clas­sic drum ma­chines. Un­like synths, though, there’s a longer tra­di­tion of us­ing sam­ples to ac­cess their dis­tinc­tive sound. A trawl though much of that last 25 year of dance mu­sic will reveal more tracks us­ing 909 sam­ples than the real thing.

En­ter UVI’s Beat­box An­thol­ogy 2, a new ver­sion of their ear­lier in­stru­ment with ex­tra sound sources (in­clud­ing the spank­ing new Ma­trixBrute), up­dated in­ter­face and more flex­i­ble ef­fect pro­cess­ing. Each of the 12 drum slots can host 3 lay­ered el­e­ments - each with a dis­tor­tion, en­ve­lope and LP/HP fil­ter sec­tion – which are fed into their own com­pres­sor and EQ, be­fore be­ing sent to the four global de­lay/re­verb ef­fects via in­di­vid­ual sends. The Kick and Snare tracks dif­fer slightly, by re­plac­ing the 3rd sam­ple layer with swept-pitch tone gen­er­a­tor.

Sounds can be trig­gered via MIDI or from the in­ter­nal se­quencer (which in­cludes full MIDI ex­port). Dif­fer­ent pre-con­fig­ured ver­sions of the in­stru­ment can be loaded pro­vid­ing in­di­vid­ual au­dio outs (or sep­a­rate MIDI chan­nel ac­cess) should you choose to mix and process in your DAW’s mixer. One nice in­clu­sion is the way in which the bass drum sound is al­ways avail­able as part of the kits whilst also be­ing mapped chro­mat­i­cally lower down the key­board, for har­mon­i­cally in­formed play­ing. Make sure you check out the ‘Recre­ations’ pre­set folder for some clas­sic drum pro­gram­ming ex­am­ples that should pro­voke a nod of fa­mil­iar­ity.

Beat­box An­thol­ogy 2 is quick and easy to use, but also son­i­cally flex­i­ble. VERDICT 8.8

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