In the stu­dio with Simian Mo­bile Disco

Future Music - - CLASSIC ALBUM -

Jas Shaw: “Back then we didn’t have much equipment. I blew three months’ rent on that Ana­logue Sys­tems Mod­u­lar. Most stuff passed through that. We had a Se­quen­tial Cir­cuits Pro-One from the Simian days, an Ibanez de­lay box, and a Korg MS-20. We would run live stuff through the fil­ters, gate stuff and chop it up. I bought a Se­quen­tial Cir­cuits DrumTraks, and bor­rowed a Roland 303. And for drum sounds we’d use stuff from remixes, or make hit patches from scratch. Soft­ware-wise, we started on Cake­walk, and then went Pro Tools by the sec­ond Simian al­bum. Then we mixed the whole al­bum in one go, which is use­ful, as it binds all the tracks to­gether. We had a week or two with this desk in this treated room with out­board. We got stuck in and it forced us to get it done, af­ter it all be­ing so piece­meal, and it re­ally brought it all to­gether.”

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