Cre­ative melodic se­quences and rhythms with Dig­i­takt

Elek­tron’s hot new dig­i­tal drum ma­chine isn’t just for drum pro­gram­ming. Let’s load up some es­o­teric sam­ples and build a per­son­alised loop

Future Music - - FEATURE -

To be­gin, we’ve loaded a bunch of sam­ples from our pre­vi­ous PO-32 jam ses­sion into Dig­i­takt via USB and the Elek­tron Trans­fer app. Th­ese sounds are strange knocks, tones, bleeps and glitches. We as­sign eight of th­ese sam­ples across the eight au­dio tracks.

Next, to add vari­a­tion to in­di­vid­ual notes, we em­ploy Dig­i­takt’s Pa­ram­e­ter Lock feature. By hold­ing a step and then chang­ing pa­ram­e­ters, only the se­lected note is al­tered on that par­tic­u­lar step. We ‘re­verse’ one of the stabs by rais­ing its at­tack on cer­tain notes, and we pitch ev­ery other splash sound down.

Another cool Dig­i­takt feature we can em­ploy is over­all changes on a global scale. By hold­ing down the Trk but­ton and tweak­ing pa­ram­e­ters, all the sounds are changed at once. Do­ing this with the Tune knob pitches down all the sounds to­gether, and we com­pletely change the loop’s vibe.

clear the cur­rent se­quence so we can pro­gram a new 95bpm pat­tern. Us­ing some of the weirder synth and noise stabs, we punch in a ba­sic one-bar groove. This is made up of two dis­torted synth tones, a white noise splash sound, a tom-style knock, and other odd­ball sam­ples.

Now to the on­board send/re­turn ef­fects. Us­ing the Pa­ram­e­ter Lock feature again, we send only cer­tain note steps to re­verb and de­lay. While we’re in the flow, we also ap­ply bit re­duc­tion to the sec­ond splash sound, and layer a sec­ond crunchy snare hit on the 2 and 4.

To fin­ish, we use Dig­i­takt’s loop­ing func­tions on our main synth stab, to cy­cle its tail and pro­duce a bleepy buzz ef­fect. And we also mute the snare part in the loop, which then gives us a beat­less melodic se­quence that can be bounced out and laid over drums to form the ba­sis of a track.

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