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All drum hits have a static, pre­dictable pitch. This means that, when you’re on a sound de­sign mis­sion and want to cre­ate un­usual sounds from drums, a good thing to reach for is your drum ma­chine’s trans­pose knob. Tune a hi-hat down by an oc­tave or more to turn it into a weird snare layer; pitch kicks up into rimshot ter­ri­to­ries; or move a crash cym­bal down by two oc­taves and swamp it in re­verb to cre­ate a spooky, drone-like sound ef­fect.

Tun­ing doesn’t have to be static, ei­ther: as­sign an LFO or en­ve­lope to mod­u­late pitch, then ex­per­i­ment with LFO shapes and speeds. Or, if your drum ma­chine doesn’t fea­ture mod­u­la­tion, do it man­u­ally and twist the tune knob in real time as you print the re­sults.

Trans­pos­ing all your drum parts on a global scale is a ter­rific way to cre­ate ev­ery­thing from cre­ative fills and ed­its to com­plete oblit­er­a­tion. See this in ac­tion in our Dig­i­takt tu­to­rial.

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