Con­trol­ling ex­ter­nal hard­ware with Mas­chine

With the ad­di­tion of ex­ter­nal CC con­trol, Mas­chine is now a far more ca­pa­ble hub for a hard­ware-heavy setup

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Mas­chine’s 2.6 up­date added the abil­ity to send ex­ter­nal CC mes­sages to con­trol ex­ter­nal gear. This is a sig­nif­i­cant ad­di­tion for hard­ware-cen­tric pro­duc­ers; Mas­chine could al­ways sync and trig­ger drum ma­chines and hard­ware synths, but now it can fully in­te­grate with them, se­quenc­ing and au­tomat­ing pa­ram­e­ters within its Pat­terns. This is par­tic­u­larly good news for users of the Mk3 con­troller, since the built-in au­dio in­ter­face makes it much eas­ier to pair it with a hard­ware in­stru­ment with­out the need for ex­tra pe­riph­eries.

To make this eas­ier, NI have cre­ated pre­sets for a host of synths and drum ma­chines. Head to­cp­re­sets for down­loads and in­struc­tion. For gear not cov­ered by the pre­sets, it’s easy to cre­ate cus­tom set­ups for any hard­ware via Mas­chine’s Macros. Here’s how...

You can re­name the Macro as you wish. Hit the ‘+’ to add another Macro to your sound. For multi-sound in­stru­ments such as drum ma­chines, you’ll need to re­peat th­ese steps to as­sign each in­di­vid­ual sound to a pad in Mas­chine.

Now jump to the Sound’s Macro page. Hit the down-point­ing ar­row to the left to en­ter as­sign­ment mode. In the drop­down be­neath the Macro se­lect MIDI, then the ap­pro­pri­ate CC num­ber for the pa­ram­e­ter you want to as­sign (check your hard­ware’s MIDI...

Start with an empty sound slot, head to the Chan­nel menu and the Sound’s Out­put set­tings, then MIDI page. Route MIDI to the ap­pro­pri­ate out­put and chan­nel for your hard­ware de­vice.

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