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Al­though the Roland TR-8’s Scat­ter ef­fect can sound a bit gim­micky over a reg­u­lar beat, it can be a great source of glitchy per­cus­sion and ef­fects when used purely as a sound source on its own. Ramp the knob up to ex­plore its buzzy, gran­u­lar-style tones, then quickly sweep the knob back to cap­ture unique re­peats and speed shifts.

Elec­tronic drums are awe­some sound sources for FX de­sign. Throw a kick through a cav­ernous re­verb to cre­ate break­down booms; gran­ulise hats into back­ground tex­tures; and re­verse per­cus­sion to make rub­bery, bub­bling el­e­ments.

Bol­ster a synth line by lay­er­ing a short, sub­tle hi-hat or rimshot over each note of the riff. This’ll add gen­tle front-end sharp­ness that may be lack­ing in the original synth sound.

Ring mod­u­la­tion and fre­quency shift­ing can be a bit too dis­so­nant when ap­plied to mu­si­cal sounds – but that makes them ideal for pro­cess­ing drum ma­chine hits and loops!

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