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Akai Pro­fes­sional MPC X £1,859 Full Re­view: FM323

MPC X is hugely pow­er­ful, it works im­pres­sively stand­alone and as a con­troller, and it’s on the way to re­plac­ing your DAW, live or in the stu­dio

Korg Elec­tribe Sam­pler | £329 Re­view FM295 Not the per­fect sam­pling so­lu­tion, but fun to use and a cre­ative al­ter­na­tive to the ever-present DAW. It’s great for live use too. PioneerTo­raiz SP-16DJ Sam­pler | £1,279 Re­view FM310 The SP-16 was im­pres­sive...

Elek­tron Dig­i­takt | £659 Re­view FM320 With deep se­quenc­ing and a pow­er­ful sound en­gine, Dig­i­takt is the ‘af­ford­able’ Elek­tron groove­box we’ve been dream­ing of.

Elek­tron Oc­ta­track | €1,240 Re­view FM244 Elek­tron’s reimag­in­ing of hard­ware sam­pling re­sults in a unique ap­proach to sam­ple-based com­po­si­tion and per­for­mance.

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