Six tips for Ideas View

Get the most out of the re­cently-added Ideas View with these quick tips for im­prov­ing your Mas­chine work­flow

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You can drag Scenes and Groups around the Ideas View to change their or­der or po­si­tion. Drag­ging a Scene or Group while hold­ing down CTRL on PC or ALT on Mac will du­pli­cate it.


Se­quence ef­fects! Cre­ate a Multi FX Group (ie, a group where each Sound is an ef­fect chain) and send Sounds from your other Groups to it. Cre­ate Pat­terns for this FX group con­tain­ing au­to­ma­tion for pa­ram­e­ters such as vol­ume, pan, fil­ter sweeps etc. You can now jam with these au­to­ma­tion pat­terns in Ideas View in­de­pen­dent of other Pat­terns or in­sert FX.


Cre­ated a new scene in the Ideas View and want to quickly add it onto the end of your com­po­si­tion? Sim­ply right-click on the scene and se­lect Ap­pend To Ar­range­ment to in­stantly cre­ate a new Sec­tion out of it at the end of your Ar­ranger View time­line.


Need in­spi­ra­tion? Du­pli­cate a scene and use Mas­chine’s vari­a­tion en­gine to gen­er­ate some ran­domised ver­sions of your ex­ist­ing pat­terns. The Mk3 and Jam con­trollers have la­belled Vari­a­tion En­gine but­tons, but it can be ac­cessed on older mod­els too, sim­ply hold Shift and hit Pat­tern.


You can trig­ger Scene or Sec­tion changes and pa­ram­e­ter Lock Snap­shots from your DAW or ex­ter­nal hard­ware via MIDI notes or Pro­gram Change mes­sages. Hit the gear icon in Mas­chine’s trans­port bar and se­lect MIDI Change to turn this on and con­fig­ure it.


Cre­ated a Scene out of ex­ist­ing Pat­terns and want to make some ed­its with­out af­fect­ing other Scenes that use those Pat­terns? Right click the Scene and se­lect Unique to cre­ate fresh ver­sions of any pat­tern that’s also used else­where.

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