ENGL Sav­age 120 £115

Future Music - - ROUNDUP -

UAD’s range of ENGL am­pli­fier em­u­la­tions gains a new ad­di­tion, with Brain­worx hav­ing de­vel­oped the Sav­age 120. The clue to its char­ac­ter is in the title; this is an amp with metal on its mind and it’s phe­nom­e­nal at roughing up and pun­ish­ing in­put sig­nals.

It will, of course, find favour with UAD’s army of gui­tar play­ers first and fore­most, but there’s plenty here to con­sider for elec­tronic mu­si­cians too. If you like ag­gres­sive synth treat­ments, more ex­treme sound de­sign flavours or metal­lic over­tones on par­al­lel drum chan­nels, the Sav­age 120 of­fers plenty of girder-strength son­ics. As with Brain­worx’s other UAD amp em­u­la­tions, there’s a built-in FX rack which pro­vides lots of cus­tomis­able op­tions. www.uau­dio.com VERDICT 8.3

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