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A lit­tle over a year since Revo­lu­tion, their vin­tage-flavoured drum ma­chine, comes Wave Alchemy’s Evo­lu­tion. This time the fo­cus is on cre­at­ing mod­ern-sound­ing beats, backed by a li­brary of nearly 30,000 sam­ples and 400 pre­sets. Clas­sic dig­i­tal and ana­logue hard­ware is rep­re­sented, but there’s also mod­u­lar synths, acous­tic sources, re-amped rooms, found sound, Fo­ley and plenty of pro­cess­ing.

Evo­lu­tion comes as four in­stru­ments (with large well-ren­dered GUIs), which are iden­ti­cal in func­tion ex­cept for the in­creas­ing amounts of tape sat­u­ra­tion on the later three – though it’s a shame that this couldn’t be se­lected from within a sin­gle in­stru­ment. Sounds from the li­brary can then be loaded into one of 12 drum voices, each with the abil­ity to layer three el­e­ments. Th­ese in turn are split into Drum, Tran­sient and Layer types. The raw sounds avail­able are strong and di­verse, though if you find there’s too much choice, a quick press of the dice icon will ran­domly se­lect sounds for all three lay­ers. I was re­minded of NI’s Poly­plex when first ex­per­i­ment­ing with Evo­lu­tion. Each layer gets its own, very com­pre­hen­sive, edit­ing con­trols (in­clud­ing an in­ter­est­ing Ana­log Sim­u­la­tion sec­tion), with the fi­nal mixed el­e­ments then pro­ceed­ing to Insert, Mas­ter and Send Ef­fects sec­tions. My only com­plaint here is the lack of vis­ual feed­back for pa­ram­e­ter val­ues (es­pe­cially in the Compressor sec­tion).

You can make use of both the X0X-style drum se­quencer and the ex­ten­sive Global Se­quencer for au­tomat­ing sound pa­ram­e­ters. This can also be done us­ing the X/Y Pad’s Macro sys­tem.

There’s a lot go­ing on in­side Evo­lu­tion, and it is ca­pa­ble of great re­sults. Wave Alchemy are so con­fi­dent that if you aren’t sat­is­fied, they’ll even of­fer you a re­fund. Bruce Aisher VER­DICT 8.9

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