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The MiniBrute 2 doesn’t of­fer lin­ear FM or os­cil­la­tor sync on its front panel, but both can be achieved via the patch­bay. Let’s see how... The MiniBrute 2 adds Fre­quency Mod­u­la­tion to its front panel ca­pa­bil­i­ties, with an FM knob sit­ting in the Osc 1 sec­tion. By de­fault, this con­trols the amount by which Osc 2 mod­u­lates the fre­quency of Osc 1. This type of mod­u­la­tion is called ex­po­nen­tial FM, but the MiniBrute 2 is also ca­pa­ble of lin­ear FM which main­tains the fre­quency re­la­tion­ship be­tween the mod­u­la­tion source and des­ti­na­tion as you play dif­fer­ent notes, re­sult­ing in a more har­monic form of mod­u­la­tion. This can be achieved by patch­ing a mod­u­la­tion source (such as the Osc 2 out­put) into the Lin FM in­put in the patch­bay. Do­ing so via an at­ten­u­a­tor will give bet­ter con­trol over the level of the ef­fect. The patch­bay also al­lows for hard sync be­tween the two os­cil­la­tors, as seen in the steps be­low.

> Let’s cre­ate a clas­sic hard os­cil­la­tor sync. Tune Osc 2 to an oc­tave lower than Osc 1, then patch Osc 2’s out­put into Osc 1 Sync. This will force os­cil­la­tor 1 to fol­low the pitch of os­cil­la­tor 2.

> We can now play with us­ing other el­e­ments to sweep or mod­u­late Osc 1’s pitch, whilst still keep­ing it sync’d to Osc 2 pitch. Try turn­ing up the FM ro­tary, or patch an en­ve­lope in to Osc 1 pitch, via an at­ten­u­a­tor.

> Since we want Osc 2 con­trol­ling pitch, we need to make it fol­low the key­board/ se­quencer. To make this hap­pen, patch the KBD out­put into Osc 2 Pitch in.

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