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The MiniBrute patch­bay can route one el­e­ment into another, but it’s also some­times use­ful to sim­ply break a pre-set rout­ing. Osc 2, for ex­am­ple, is pre-routed to fol­low the pitch of Osc 1, but some­times it’s use­ful to break this track­ing, such as when us­ing Osc 2 as an LFO. You can do this by patch­ing one end of a lead into an in­put – in this case, Osc 2 Pitch – with­out con­nect­ing the other end to a mod­u­la­tion source. On the flip­side of this, patch­ing into an out­put won’t nec­es­sar­ily break the pre-set rout­ing of that sig­nal – eg. tak­ing a mod­u­la­tion out­put from ADSR Out won’t af­fect the ADSR en­ve­lope’s rout­ing to the fil­ter.

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