Process an ex­ter­nal sig­nal

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As with the orig­i­nal MiniBrute, the MiniBrute 2 fea­tures an ex­ter­nal sig­nal in­put. The dif­fer­ence is that, rather than be­ing a full-sized jack on the rear panel the in­put is now a mini­jack port on the patch­bay. Plug­ging an in­put into the Ext In port feeds the sig­nal into the MiniBrute’s sound en­gine as if it were an os­cil­la­tor, al­low­ing it to be pro­cessed through the fil­ter, amp and Brute ef­fect. The Ext slider in the os­cil­la­tor mixer sec­tion con­trols the level of this in­put. To hear the ex­ter­nal sig­nal, you’ll need to trig­ger the MiniBrute’s amp from the key­board or se­quencer, en­velopes, or by rais­ing the Att 2 > Amp ro­tary.

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