Ex­plor­ing the 2S’s se­quencer tracks

The 2S’s se­quencer has four chan­nels with far deeper func­tion­al­ity than first meets the eye. Let’s look at the op­tions…

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The first two se­quencer chan­nels are la­belled Pitch and Gate – routed to os­cil­la­tor pitch and gate (ie, note length). Th­ese are fixed to th­ese func­tions and linked, so they al­ways run in the same tim­ing divi­sion and di­rec­tion.

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Tracks three and four are la­belled Velo/Mod 1 and Press/Mod 2. The pri­mary func­tion of th­ese are Ve­loc­ity and Pres­sure (ie af­ter­touch) re­spec­tively. In th­ese modes, the tim­ings of tracks 3 and 4 are linked to 1 and 2. How­ever, th­ese tracks can also be set to one of three al­ter­na­tive mod­u­la­tion modes.

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In Env mode, each step of track 3 or 4 can trig­ger an AD en­ve­lope, with the de­cay set by turn­ing the en­coder. In xV mode, the track can send ei­ther 1V, 2V, 5V or 8V con­trol volt­age mes­sages. In LFO the modes, steps can trig­ger an LFO, with sev­eral va­ri­eties of shape on of­fer.

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In th­ese mod­u­la­tion modes, tracks 3 and 4 can run in dif­fer­ent tim­ing di­vi­sions and di­rec­tions to tracks 1 and 2. With one of th­ese track se­lected hold Shift. The first four pads can se­lect a di­rec­tion (for­ward, back­wards, al­ter­nate and ran­dom) while pads 5-8 can se­lect tim­ing.

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Ev­ery se­quencer track has a sec­ondary func­tion, ac­cessed by hold­ing Shift. For Pitch, Ve­loc­ity, Pres­sure and xV modes, this is a slide func­tion. Here CV mes­sages will glide, por­ta­mento-style, be­tween steps, with speed set be­tween 0 (an in­stant jump) and 100 (a straight line be­tween the two val­ues).


For Gate, the Shift func­tion of­fers a note re­peat, for adding quick ‘roll’ re­trig­gers af­ter the step. In Env mode the Shift func­tion con­trols the en­ve­lope At­tack. In LFO mode Shift ac­cesses the mod­u­la­tion depth (rate is con­trolled with the ro­tary when shift isn’t pressed).

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