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You can sync two pieces of Ar­turia gear us­ing just one TRS ca­ble. Sim­ply patch Sync Out from the mas­ter to Clock on the slave – Ar­turia gear sends/re­ceives both clock and start sig­nals via this one lead.


Us­ing Ar­turia’s MIDI Con­trol Cen­ter soft­ware, it’s pos­si­ble to con­fig­ure the type of sig­nal used for the Clock in­put. This can be set to 1step (Gate), 1step (Clock), 1pulse (Korg), 24ppq, or 48ppq.


The patch­bay In­verter lets you flip the po­lar­ity of a mod­u­la­tion source – this is handy for use with things like saw­tooth LFO or the en­velopes.


The Att 2 > Amp ro­tary can be used to raise the am­pli­fier level for cre­at­ing drones. This will track the pitch of the last note played (un­less patched to do oth­er­wise).


MIDI Con­trol Cen­ter can be used to save an un­lim­ited num­ber of se­quences and for the cre­ation of ‘setlists’.

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