Future Music - - TOOLKIT -

1 Once you’ve got your sus­tained sounds mov­ing with a gate, you’ll find they’re sud­denly far more re­spon­sive to rhyth­mic ef­fects such as de­lay and auto-pan­ning treat­ments.

2 Try putting gates af­ter all kinds of aux­il­iary treat­ments, leav­ing source sounds ‘dry’ whilst their ef­fects have the dy­namic stuff­ing knocked out of them.

3 If you’re work­ing with heav­i­lyre­verbed sam­ples, or if you’ve made or been given ‘over-wet’ record­ings, use gates to tame the de­cay time and you’ll find per­cus­sive sounds be­come much punchier.

4 Ex­per­i­ment with longer at­tack times when sidechain­ing. Blunt­ing the start of gated au­dio can pro­duce un­ex­pected ef­fects.

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