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Ramirez & Pizarro ¡Hab­lando!

The ti­tle track is a clas­sic Euro-house/ ac­cor­dion banger that crops up in sam­ple form on Ca­balleros. add th­ese to your playlist: Ha bl an do( Ac­cor­dion Mix ), La Mu­sic a| Tre­menda (DJRic­ciRmx), El Ritmo| Barb aro( El Barb aro Mix )|

Trim 1-800 Di­nosaur Presents Trim

Why not check in on Dance Me star and ex-Roll Deep mem­ber Trim’s 2016 al­bum? add th­ese to your playlist: Stretch, Waco, No Man­ners|

Ma­dox Ur­ban Plas­tic

Well worth vis­it­ing the break­beat past of the man be­hind Riva Starr, while you’re here. add th­ese to your playlist: Tu­vok, The Funk, Dope On Strings|

Mr Fin­gers Amm­ne­sia

Don’t for­get that the track Trib­ute is a, erm, trib­ute to this Chicago dance mu­sic leg­end. add th­ese to your playlist: Can You Feel It, Slam Dance, Stars|

Var­i­ous Artists OST from the film Black Cat, White Cat

Ste­fano Miele’s favourite film. He chopped it up to make a video for I

Was Drunk that racked up mil­lions of hits, be­fore a ‘cease and de­sist’ or­der came through. add th­ese to your playlist: Buba ma ra, Daddy’ s Gone, Pit Bull|

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