Ar­turia launch vin­tage Preamp and Fil­ter packs


Ar­turia have un­veiled two new bun­dles of mod­elled Fil­ter and Preamp plug­ins, which the French brand are de­scrib­ing as plug­ins ‘you’ll ac­tu­ally use’.

The Preamp pack in­cludes the 1973-Pre, a mod­ern take on Ru­pert Neve’s clas­sic solid-state preamp, com­plete with switch­able bou­tique trans­form­ers. The TridA-Pre is based on Tri­dent Studio’s A Range con­soles, while the V76-Pre mod­els the clas­sic Tele­funken tube tone of the

White Al­bum sound, in­te­grat­ing a rare shelf EQ for ex­tra con­trol.

For fil­ters, we get a recreation of the clas­sic Moog lad­der fil­ter in the Mini-Fil­ter, equipped with a step-se­quencer, en­ve­lope fol­lower and LFO. There are two Ober­heim in­spired plug­ins too: the M12-Fil­ter, mod­elled on the for­mi­da­ble mul­ti­mode fil­ter from the Ma­trix-12, and the SEM-Fil­ter, based on Tom Ober­heim’s clas­sic '70s de­sign. The M-12 plugin fea­tures twin fil­ters, mod osc and ran­dom gen­er­a­tors, a mod ma­trix, and pro­gram­mable en­velopes, while the SEM-Fil­ter adds a gate se­quencer, noise os­cil­la­tor and sim­ple mod ma­trix.

Avail­able now, the ‘3 Preamps You’ll Ac­tu­ally Use’ pack at £285 and the fil­ters ver­sion at £189. Each plugin can be pur­chased separately.

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