MSTRKRFT Mas­ters of Trash

The elec­tro duo joined WMD to bring us the TRSHMSTR. Let’s check it out

Future Music - - MODULAR MONTHLY -

Since 2009, MSTRKRFT have been blend­ing a unique, trashy, al­most punk set of dis­torted synth tones with hard hit­ting elec­tro drums – a sound that, in crude terms, was akin to Daft Punk on acid through a tube amp.

They’ve now teamed up with WMD to cre­ate the Euro­rack mo­d­ule TRSHMSTR, based on that same unique blend of synth tones. MSTRKRFT’s favoured process is to run synths through wah ped­als then into a dis­tor­tion pedal, or vice versa (usu­ally a Dun­lop Cry Baby and Ibanez Tube Screamer).

Work­ing with WMD, they brought that tone shap­ing into mod­u­lar form and heav­ily ex­panded on it. TRSHMSTR is great for driven and mov­ing tones with its ag­gres­sive combo of dis­tor­tion and band pass fil­ter­ing. The fil­ter is al­ready pretty nasty enough and has switch­ing over three res­o­nance flavours with feed­back sat­u­ra­tion.

The drive gives a wide range of over­drive tones with three flavours avail­able on a switch, drive con­trol, high pass fil­ter­ing to con­trol the low end hit­ting the drive and plenty of CV con­trol. There’s ‘cross nor­malling’ i.e. patch­ing a sin­gle in­put to the fil­ter and rout­ing that through the fil­ter to the drive or a sin­gle in­put to the drive and route through the drive then fil­ter. You can even use both units in­de­pen­dently. We’ve had great re­sults run­ning in var­i­ous con­fig­u­ra­tions. Ex­per­i­ment! Try patch­ing drums through the drive while you process a de­lay feed­back loop through the fil­ter, it’s great for a range of ap­pli­ca­tions.

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