Spec­tra­son­ics’ Om­ni­sphere 2.5

Con­trol the plugin synth with your favourite hard­ware, and ac­cess new ‘ana­logue’ os­cil­la­tors

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Spec­tra­son­ics’ Om­ni­sphere 2 is al­ready one of the most pow­er­ful syn­the­sis­ers in the soft­ware realm; now the ver­sion 2.5 up­date is set to see it in­te­grate with your favourite hard­ware synths.

De­signed to ‘bridge the gap’ be­tween soft­ware and hard­ware, the idea is that syn­the­sists can use their hard­ware to con­trol Om­ni­sphere, but this isn’t just ba­sic MIDI Learn we’re talk­ing about. There are ded­i­cated pro­files for each sup­ported synth – mod­els from Roland, Korg, Behringer, No­va­tion and Se­quen­tial are al­ready sup­ported – with the the­ory be­ing that MIDI mes­sages from the hard­ware are then trans­lated into ‘sat­is­fy­ing sonic re­sults’ in Om­ni­sphere.

We’re promised so­phis­ti­cated in­ter­ac­tions from a sin­gle knob touch – you can re­call en­tire FX racks, as­sign mul­ti­ple scaled pa­ram­e­ters and cre­ate com­plex mod­u­la­tion ma­trix rout­ings on-the-fly. Just select your synth of choice from the drop-down menu. Om­ni­sphere 2.5 also in­cludes a range of new syn­the­sis ca­pa­bil­i­ties. The voice ar­chi­tec­ture has been dou­bled to four lay­ers per patch, and each of those patches can now call on 12 en­velopes and eight LFOs. There are now 48 rout­ings in the mod­u­la­tion ma­trix, and new state-vari­able fil­ters are in­cluded. Th­ese were spe­cially cre­ated for the OB-6 hard­ware pro­file and can seam­lessly blend be­tween low-pass, notch and high-pass modes. Fur­ther to that, more than 50 new ‘ana­logue’ Os­cil­la­tor Waveta­bles are in­cluded and fea­tured in the new hard­ware pro­files.

The sound li­brary has been up­dated, too, with hun­dreds of new patches, cre­ated us­ing the hard­ware in­te­gra­tion fea­ture. For each hard­ware pro­file, you’ll find a cor­re­spond­ing set of sounds, de­signed us­ing that par­tic­u­lar synth as an Om­ni­sphere con­troller – you can ac­cess th­ese whether you own the ‘real’ synth or not.

“Since the be­gin­ning of com­puter-based mu­sic, the big­gest lim­i­ta­tion of soft­ware syn­the­sis­ers has been the lack of phys­i­cal in­ter­ac­tion,” ex­plains Eric Pers­ing, cre­ative di­rec­tor of Spec­tra­son­ics. “It’s hard to beat the im­me­di­acy of a phys­i­cal syn­the­siser that you can ac­tu­ally touch!

“We are very ex­cited to be able to fi­nally elim­i­nate that prob­lem by util­is­ing the world’s finest hard­ware syn­the­sis­ers to fully con­trol Om­ni­sphere. We’ve never felt that the worlds of soft­ware and hard­ware synths should be seg­re­gated into dif­fer­ent ‘camps’. Our vir­tual in­stru­ment users can now ex­pe­ri­ence the joy of the hard­ware synth work­flow and hard­ware synth users can now fully ex­pand their ca­pa­bil­i­ties into the vast sonic world of Om­ni­sphere!”

Om­ni­sphere 2.5 will be a free up­date for all of its ex­ist­ing users. It's set to be re­leased in the sum­mer, with a pub­lic beta due to be­gin this month.

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