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Roland have added a clutch of new mod­ules to their Sys­tem-500 range. In­spired by vin­tage Roland synths from the ’70s, this in­cludes a se­lec­tion of Euro­rack-for­mat mod­ules that can be com­bined to cre­ate a con­tem­po­rary mod­u­lar mon­ster.

First up, there’s the SYS-51 synth, which is based on the 110 VCO, VCF and VCA mod­ule from Roland’s Sys­tem-100m. It of­fers three os­cil­la­tor wave­forms, a low-pass fil­ter with dual high-pass switch, and a VCA with mul­ti­ple out­puts. There are also in­puts for ex­ter­nal sig­nals and mod­u­la­tion, plus out­put jacks for Euro­rack and line-level au­dio.

Mov­ing on, the SYS-555 LAG/S&H of­fers ring mod­u­la­tion, sam­ple-and-hold with seven wave­forms and in­ter­nal LPH, pink and white noise modes, an LFO with in­ter­nal ENV and VCA and two CV-con­trolled por­ta­mento cir­cuits. It’s a tone-shap­ing and mod­u­la­tion tool­box in­spired by the Sys­tem100m’s 150 and 165 mod­ules.

The SYS-531 Mix is a cen­tral hub for mix­ing mono and stereo sig­nals. It of­fers six in­put chan­nels, each with its own level slider, CV-con­trolled pan knob and mute but­ton. There’s a stereo preamp for mic or line-level sig­nals, along with head­phones and multi-for­mat out­put sec­tions that come with a ded­i­cated vol­ume knob for quick con­trol. The LED in­di­ca­tors pro­vide vis­ual feed­back on sig­nal lev­els fed to the quar­ter and eighth-inch out­puts.

Fi­nally, the SYS-505 VCF gives you the sound of the SH-5 synth’s fil­ter sec­tion in your mod­u­lar rig. It comes with switch­able out­puts, built-in VCAs and CV con­trol of cut­off and res­o­nance, with the dual fil­ter de­sign giv­ing you two vin­tage char­ac­ters in one mod­ule.

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