Ef­fects In­spi­ra­tion: 7 cre­ative hard­ware re­verbs and de­lays

When it comes to out-there space ef­fects, the dig­i­tal realm might be where the most cut­ting-edge tech­nol­ogy is, but there’s still a lot to be said for hav­ing a hard­ware ver­sion in your tool­box. Here are some in­spir­ing op­tions

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Stry­mon El Capis­tan £268

US brand Stry­mon’s stomp­boxes of­fer dig­i­tal em­u­la­tions of clas­sic re­verb and de­lay hard­ware. El Capis­tan fo­cusses on tape echo, with three va­ri­eties of ma­chine on­board, each with three vari­a­tions. This is eas­ily one of the most au­then­tic sounding tape em­u­la­tions we’ve heard. The only ma­jor down­side is its sin­gle mono in­put: it’s aimed more at gui­tarists than stu­dio use.

Korg Monotron De­lay £43

The Monotron De­lay is a com­pact, rough-and-ready hard­ware de­vice that pairs a sin­gle os­cil­la­tor with an ana­logue fil­ter and de­lay. Its mini­jack in­put al­lows ex­ter­nal au­dio to be pro­cessed through the ef­fect, mak­ing it a fan­tas­tic cheap op­tion for gritty, au­then­tic ana­logue pro­cess­ing. The fil­ter comes from the MS-20, and is gritty as hell, the de­lay is sim­ple but can be wild and dub-tas­tic!

Even­tide H9 from £356

Even­tide’s H9 can be loaded with a host of al­go­rithms and pre­sets sourced from across the com­pany’s back cat­a­logue of prod­ucts. That means you can get ba­sic ‘verbs and de­lays, but also clas­sic Har­mo­niz­ers, out-there pitch ef­fects and more. Yes, it’s all dig­i­tal – and you can get many of th­ese sounds as plug­ins – but hav­ing it hard­ware form is a great way to take the strain off your CPU.

Elec­tro-Har­monix Cathe­dral/Canyon, £204/£136

EHX are a re­li­able source of cre­ative stomp­boxes. Cathe­dral and Canyon are both great stu­dio op­tions. The for­mer is a stereo re­verb/ de­lay of­fer­ing em­u­la­tions of clas­sic plate, room, hall, spring, re­v­erse and echo ef­fects. Canyon, mean­while, is a de­lay/looper with cool re­v­erse and shim­mer modes: it’s mono, but we love how it sounds on monosynths!

Moog Mini­fooger MF-De­lay, £180

BBD (Bucket-Brigade De­vice) de­lays re­main one of the most sought-after types of ana­logue hard­ware ef­fect around. A short­age of the nec­es­sary chips may have brought an end to Moog’s big­ger MF104m de­lay units, but the more af­ford­able Mini­fooger still of­fers a sim­i­lar flavour of killer ana­logue de­lay. Again, this is mono, but the ad­di­tion of a Drive con­trol for adding grit is a re­ally great touch.

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