Whittle up a wi­dener

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There’s one more sim­i­lar ef­fect you can achieve with de­lay that’s not usu­ally thought of in the same cat­e­gory as phas­ing, cho­rus and the such­like: the Haas ef­fect is more a sci­en­tific prin­ci­ple than a pro­ces­sor, but it has real and im­me­di­ate im­pli­ca­tions. If you take a sig­nal and de­lay just one chan­nel – the left or right stereo feed – by one mil­lisec­ond, the sound seems to come from the other side. It’s a very ob­vi­ous ef­fect to hear on head­phones but works on speak­ers too. To ex­per­i­ment fur­ther with the Haas ef­fect, try de­lay times up to 30ms, feed­back, and mess­ing with your de­lay’s dry/wet mix amount.

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