craft a cho­rus

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Cho­rus is re­lated to flang­ing – push the de­lay’s time up to (and over) 25 mil­lisec­onds to get into this ter­ri­tory. Cru­cially, you’ll no­tice that as you tran­si­tion into cho­rus­ing, and then crank the de­lay time up to­wards 35 mil­lisec­onds and on to­wards 50, you’ll get no­tice­able pitch­ing ef­fects. This is what gives this ef­fect its name – it’s like a group of peo­ple or in­stru­ments to­gether, all very slightly out of pitch. Cho­rus is also a great wi­dener of the sig­nal. Again, ex­per­i­ment with feed­back, mod­u­la­tion time and amount, and tweak the dry/wet mix if you want widen­ing with­out pitch ef­fects.

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