Ef­fects In­spi­ra­tion: 6 iOS ef­fect pro­ces­sors

Like wild, com­plex ef­fects but fed up of the strain on your CPU? You could use hard­ware or a UAD-style DSP sys­tem, but what about us­ing a mo­bile de­vice as an ex­ter­nal ef­fects pro­ces­sor? Here are some great apps…

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Su­gar Bytes Tur­nado, £19.99

Over the past few years, Su­gar Bytes steadily ported many of their ac­claimed ef­fects and synths to iOS. Tur­nado is a pow­er­ful multi- ef­fects app which bun­dles a lot of au­dio man­gling power into a sim­ple GUI which makes smart use of macro con­trols for easy real-time ma­nip­u­la­tion. Great for adding rhyth­mic glitches to in­com­ing au­dio.

Moog Fil­ta­tron, £1.99

Fil­ta­tron bring Mooger­fooger-style ef­fects pro­cess­ing to the mo­bile realm. This is one of Moog’s older apps, but still pop­u­lar. It com­bines a con­vinc­ing fil­terem­u­la­tion with de­lay, mod­u­la­tion tools, a sam­pler and a sim­ple os­cil­la­tor sec­tion. There’s a per­for­mance win­dow with a cou­ple of as­sign­a­ble XY pads too, great for tac­tile ef­fects ma­nip­u­la­tion.

Au­dio Dam­age Rough Rider 2, Free

On desk­top, Au­dio Dam­age’s free­bie vin­tage-style com­pres­sor Rough Rider has proved hugely pop­u­lar, and now you can grab it as a free DL for iOS too. Rough Rider is an easy-to-use ef­fect with a sim­ple in­ter­face. It’s at its best pro­vid­ing pump­ing com­pres­sion over beats and drum busses. Add it to your phone or iPad if you want some easy ex­ter­nal bus pro­cess­ing!

Su­gar Bytes Ef­fec­trix, £19.99

An­other iOS port from Su­gar Bytes. Again, Ef­fec­trix is a multi-ef­fects en­gine; the USP here, how­ever, comes from its se­quencer, which lets users pro­gram a whole host of cre­ative ef­fects across a pi­ano roll-style grid. Loop, stretch and re­v­erse func­tions are great for man­gling chunks of au­dio.

Au­dio Dam­age Grind Dis­tor­tion, £4.99

Au­dio Dam­age’s iOS fol­lowup to Rough Rider. Again, Grind is a port of a desk­top plugin – De­struc­tive Grind. The ef­fects here are all about adding grit. We get ba­sic dis­tor­tion and sat­u­ra­tion, plus an ex­cel­lent wavetable mode, which uses the in­com­ing sig­nal to mod­u­late one of 15 waveta­bles for some re­ally great cre­ative weird­ness.

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