Cre­ate Racks in Able­ton Live

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Able­ton has four types of rack, serv­ing Au­dio Ef­fects, In­stru­ments, Drums and MIDI Ef­fects. De­spite a slightly dif­fer­ent look for the drum rack, all four work in very much the same way, com­bin­ing mul­ti­ple chains (the three hor­i­zon­tal lines icon) to do their thing. Macros are ac­cessed us­ing the knob icon in the top left, and they can be mapped in Live’s left-hand bar after you click the Map but­ton. To as­sign third-party plugin pa­ram­e­ters to macros, you’ll have to ex­pand the plugin de­vice first. You can also turn two de­vices (of the same kind) into a rack by Group­ing them.

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