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With some patch ca­bles and a lit­tle ex­per­i­men­ta­tion, the Tread­stone’s sonic pal­ette can be ex­panded con­sid­er­ably. Ins: Ex­ter­nal CV in­puts for pitch (one via an at­ten­u­a­tor), though fine ad­just­ment is tricky. Duty – for mod­u­lat­ing pulse width. Ex­ter­nal CVs for fil­ter cut­off (one via at­ten­u­a­tor which is very sen­si­tive). Au­dio In. Clock In for the se­quencer. EG Trig. Outs: Ded­i­cated square wave VCO out­put. LFO square and tri­an­gle outs (good for vi­brato and more con­trolled PWM). En­ve­lope out - use­ful for cre­at­ing pitch sweeps. MIDI Loop

Se­quencer: De­spite its size, the Tread­stone fea­tures a 16-note step se­quencer. Tempo can be set via MIDI clock or in­com­ing ana­logue clock, whilst notes are en­tered us­ing MIDI note-on mes­sages (with C#7 and C6 re­served for rests and ‘skips’ re­spec­tively).

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