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Press­ing the Op­tions but­ton gives ac­cess to three other pages of pa­ram­e­ters. The first con­cerns the lim­iter func­tions start­ing with dither­ing and lim­iter type. Then comes a vari­able con­trol to bal­ance some RMS into the de­tec­tion cir­cuitry, giv­ing you the op­tion of bal­anc­ing be­tween peak and RMS. Next comes the pre­view con­trol which al­lows you to set the pre­view time when fine­tun­ing fast at­tack en­velopes, al­low­ing for far more ex­treme set­tings of the com­pres­sor with­out mess­ing up the low end. There are also con­trols to copy set­tings from stores A to B and copy chan­nel set­tings L to R and R to L when in M/S or dual mono modes, plus the op­tion of in­ter­nal or ex­ter­nal side chain­ing. Imag­ine this level of con­trol ap­plied to a sedi­tion func­tion in a mix. The mind bog­gles! Page 2 gives var­i­ous me­ter peak level set­tings for each me­ter and there’s a soft knee range con­trol which can go from 15db to an in­cred­i­ble 70db, al­low­ing in­cred­i­bly sub­tle con­trol of how com­pres­sion can af­fect the en­tire dy­namic range of a mix. Page 3 is where you set the peak over me­ter­ing con­trols and where you select auto gain makeup or man­ual. Very com­pre­hen­sive.

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