The MM-1

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While the DS-1 is a big, com­plex tool, the MM-1 is a model of sim­plic­ity that also achieves ex­cel­lent re­sults. Amount is like thresh­old, the par­al­lel mix con­trol is self-ex­plana­tory and lim­iter gain sim­ply pushes more level into the very trans­par­ent master lim­iter. The five ‘style’ but­tons do ex­actly what they say on the tin and so it’s re­ally in the re­sults that you can truly un­der­stand just how good this is. What­ever you throw at it, the MM-1 seems ca­pa­ble of deal­ing with it in an el­e­gant, pow­er­ful man­ner. While it does ex­actly what you’d ex­pect of a high qual­ity max­imiser on the master bus, it’s of great use on in­di­vid­ual in­stru­ments as well, pro­vid­ing solid level con­trol along­side ex­cel­lent de-es­s­ing and the same abil­ity to put en­ergy into any­thing you throw at it. Amaz­ing and easy to use. It’s not just a quick fix – you’ll be com­ing back to it again and again.

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