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When we saw that Make Noise had col­lab­o­rated with Tom Erbe (of Sound­hack fame) we were ex­cited, and their new Erbe-Verb takes re­verb to a new level. In­stead of work­ing with pre­sets or al­go­rithms for com­mon spa­ces like room, hall, cathe­dral or plate it breaks out ev­ery pa­ram­e­ter, let­ting you en­ter in­ter­est­ing in-be­tween spa­ces and mod­u­late be­tween them freely. The site states, “it is a unique, mod­e­less, con­tin­u­ously vari­able re­verb al­go­rithm with com­plete volt­age con­trol.”

You can travel through spa­ces by turn­ing knobs or adding mo­du­la­tion sources and you’ll find minute cof­fin-like spa­ces, shim­mers, rooms, plates and halls up to end­less drones and metal­lic os­cil­la­tions. It’s great for any sound de­signer’s palette whether you’re look­ing for typ­i­cal spa­cious re­verb ef­fects or not. It fea­tures things we’ve not seen on much hard­ware be­fore like tempo-syn­ca­ble pre-de­lay times to cre­ate per­fect rhyth­mic shifts in re­verb tails, there’s an en­ve­lope fol­lower so you can use the am­pli­tude shape of the re­verb to con­trol other pa­ram­e­ters in your sys­tem and there’s also a gate (or but­ton) con­trolled re­verse switch al­low­ing you to flip the re­verb into re­verse with a gate pat­tern from your other mod­ules.

We’ve taken the Erbe-Verb through shape­able send FX, os­cil­la­tor and drone gen­er­a­tor, tempo sync-dif­fused echoes and more. It’s more than just a re­verb – it lends it­self to think­ing about re­verb as more than an end of the chain ef­fect.

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