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Max For Live has a wealth of op­tions for con­trol­ling hard­ware synths. Even if you don’t want to cre­ate con­trollers for your­self, there’s a huge va­ri­ety of de­vices on­line – many free – which let you in­te­grate and con­trol MIDI-equipped hard­ware with Live projects. The likes of Korg’s Volca range, many of Roland’s Bou­tiques, the TR-8/S and more pop­u­lar hard­ware all ben­e­fit from de­cent (un­of­fi­cial) Max-pow­ered con­trol de­vices. The web­site max­for­live.com pro­vides an un­of­fi­cial, user-cre­ated library of de­vices, great for hard­ware con­trollers and other gen­eral Max tools. Iso­tonik Stu­dios’ Con­trol Pack is a good ad­di­tion too, with cus­tomis­able de­vices for ex­ter­nal CC con­trol and ran­domi­sa­tion. Hard­ware con­trol is where a lit­tle ex­per­i­men­ta­tion with the un­der­ly­ing lan­guage of Max can help though, giv­ing a plat­form to fix many of those ‘lit­tle prob­lems’ with your setup that ex­ist­ing de­vices fail to solve. Many pro artists, like James Holden, use Max to drive full, com­plex live rigs!

Plenty of pop­u­lar hard­ware synths ben­e­fit from un­of­fi­cial Max con­trollers

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