Acus­tica Au­dio Pur­ple P-1 €119

Future Music - - ROUND-UP -

One big Pul­tec fea­ture is the ‘low-end trick’. As the two low shelves and high bands rest at slightly dif­fer­ent fre­quen­cies (and low at­ten­u­a­tion is broader than low boost), you can boost and cut at once, for a boost with a dip straight after. This is present in all the Pul­tecs here, but, built on Acus­tica’s Core9 tech­nol­ogy, this em­u­la­tion goes fur­ther than the orig­i­nal EQP-1A by of­fer­ing an In­put Trim con­trol, which con­trols both a rise in level be­fore the EQ circuit and a com­pen­satory re­duc­tion in level after it, mak­ing your pro­cess­ing a lit­tle grit­tier when raised – use­ful for adding ‘tube drive’ to a classic setup. Pur­ple’s GUI isn’t seam­less, with some clicks when moving pa­ram­e­ters, but th­ese are min­i­mal. www.acus­ti­cau­ VER­DICT 8.7

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