Ig­nite Amps PTEq-X FREE


PTEq-X doesn’t just em­u­late the EQP-1A – it also takes on the MEQ-5 mid-range EQ and HLF-3C high- and low-cut fil­ters in the same pack­age. And the bang-for-buck ra­tio works out at some­where around in­fin­ity!

As for the EQP-1A part of this plugin, the low fre­quency se­lec­tor in­cludes 45Hz and 150Hz set­tings, help­ing you re­fine that scoop a lit­tle bet­ter than the orig­i­nal could. Three fre­quency set­tings have also been added to the high-shelf at­ten­u­a­tion (6, 8 and 15k), and a 5kHz set­ting to the high bell. You can also switch the tube em­u­la­tion off.

PTEq-X doesn’t just give you loads, for free – it also emu­lates the orig­i­nal Pul­tec sound to a T. The only gripe here is some click­ing when chang­ing set­tings. www.ig­niteamps.com VER­DICT 9.2

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