In­tro­duce some ran­dom

Future Music - - FEATURE -

It’s easy for our ears to be drawn to the same kinds of sounds each time we work. One way to get past this is to try plug­ins which al­low you to ex­per­i­ment with ran­dom­ness. NI’s Ab­synth 5 is a good ex­am­ple, as is Syn­plant. By choos­ing how far from the cur­rently loaded sound you want to ‘travel’, you can ei­ther rein­vent the sonic wheel, or ex­per­i­ment with sub­tle vari­ants. Om­ni­sphere 2 has an in­ter­est­ing ap­proach to this too; choose a sound and then ‘lock’ par­tic­u­lar parts of the en­gine be­fore se­lect­ing pa­ram­e­ters from a sec­ond sound, pro­duc­ing weird hy­brid tones in the process.

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