Im­prove left-hand dex­ter­ity?

I of­ten strug­gle with left-hand chords and my fin­ger strength! How can I im­prove this quickly?

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Im­prov­ing fin­ger stamina can be done in a few ways. Firstly, learn­ing scales and arpeg­gios will re­ally help, so grab a scale book from any re­tailer and work through them slowly, con­cen­trat­ing on the qual­ity/tone of ev­ery note you play. With re­gards to fin­ger strength, Schirmer’s Scales and Fin­ger Ex­er­cises book is also a good place to start. How­ever, if you don’t read mu­sic there are some other things you can try which should help any­one want­ing to im­prove their LH/RH key­board skills!

For im­prov­ing LH chord play­ing, pick a 3- or 4-note chord, lock your hand in the shape of that chord and move chro­mat­i­cally (by step/semi­tone) up/down the key­board, locked in that po­si­tion. For ex­am­ple, play Bflat/D/Eflat/G in your left hand and move this shape chro­mat­i­cally.

To in­crease fin­ger strength, hold down each fin­ger in turn on the key­board then play the re­main­ing notes around it. So, hold down LH 1st fin­ger on B, then play thumb on C, 3rd fin­ger on A, 4th fin­ger on G, lit­tle fin­ger on F. Re­peat with your other fin­gers.

To stretch your hands to in­crease your span and make it eas­ier to play wider chords, place your (left hand) lit­tle fin­ger on any C, your mid­dle fin­ger on the next G up, and then see how far you can push out your thumb to reach the high­est note pos­si­ble.

Bro­ken chords (arpeg­gios) are great for im­prov­ing gen­eral dex­ter­ity/fin­ger strength. Pick any chord and play each note in se­quence up­wards from the root, then back down in se­quence to the root again. The ABRSM Scales& Arpeg­gios Grade 1 book is a great place to start.

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