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Synth/sam­pler hy­brid in­stru­ments can be re­ally in­spir­ing when you ex­plore re­sam­pling. Syn­the­sise an os­cil­la­tor, ren­der the re­sult to au­dio, then reim­port the file back into your synth for fur­ther man­gling. Rinse and re­peat!


If your in­stru­ment sup­ports sam­ple im­port and osc-to-osc FM, use com­plex field record­ings or sam­pled wave­forms to mo­du­late the fre­quency of a syn­the­sised os­cil­la­tor.


Chan­nel an ’80s syn­the­sist and com­bine syn­thetic os­cil­la­tors with sam­pled lay­ers. Ie, use a plucky sam­pled at­tack layer to bol­ster a sim­ple bass tone for the ul­ti­mate in syn­thetic punch.


Power-packed synths like the ones seen in this very fea­ture of­ten in­clude flex­i­ble rout­ing op­tions. Try run­ning sig­nals through par­al­lel fil­ters, dis­tort­ing at the start or end of the sig­nal path, and rout­ing dif­fer­ent os­cil­la­tors in dif­fer­ent ways.

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