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Like the REV2, Prophet X in­cludes two dig­i­tal ef­fects en­gines (per-layer) which com­ple­ment the sam­ple and syn­the­sis en­gines. For the Prophet X, DSI have also in­cluded a great sound­ing ro­tary speaker ef­fect (with de­cent over­drive too) to use not just on the or­gan sam­ples, but any other sounds too. As the ef­fects pa­ram­e­ters are mod­u­late­able you can use the mod-wheel/other sources to change ro­tary speed (and pa­ram­e­ters avail­able on the other ef­fects too). There are sev­eral de­cent re­verbs (room, spring, hall, su­per-plate) as well as two de­lays, flanger, phaser, cho­rus, pan-spread, dis­tor­tion (and the dig­i­tal res­o­nant HPF). In ad­di­tion, there’s a sep­a­rate dig­i­tal high-pass/low-pass fil­ter for just the sam­ple en­gine (Tone) plus bit re­duc­tion (hack) and dec­i­ma­tion (sam­ple-rate re­duc­tion) for break­ing up and gran­u­lar­is­ing both en­gines. Let’s also not for­get the per-layer MIDI syn­ca­ble arpeg­gia­tor with five modes, and the up to 6-note poly­phonic, key-trans­pos­able, 64-step se­quencer (also clocks to MIDI but doesn’t out­put it) – handy as an ideas sketch­pad or an ex­tra layer to play back in sync with other hard­ware or DAWcre­ated se­quences.

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