Hawk in our Chook Yard in Gal­ston.

Galston, Glenorie and Hills Rural News - - Heartbeats -

My hus­band, who was work­ing in the back gar­den, heard a com­mo­tion in our chick­ens' pen and saw a hawk in there. I was amazed to see the size of it! Our chick­ens' yard is wire cov­ered so it must have squeezed in via a very small space near the fence of the outer yard . Our 4 chick­ens were noisy - yes - but when I saw the hawk, all it was do­ing was try­ing to get out, not hurt our birds.

We had to re­move it so we found some cor­ru­gated iron, opened the door and put the iron in the lower half of the door­way so that our chick­ens couldn't walk out and hope­fully wouldn't fly out. Next, how to get the hawk to that door­way? My hus­band turned the hose on and tried to move the hawk the right way but that only up­set it more and drenched the poor bird. The hawk was now fran­tic. A new tac­tic needed to be found.

We found an old bread crate and my hubby went in to push it through and to­wards the door­way. This worked. It flew out and up into the Jacaranda next door. The funny thing then was that it hung up­side down for what seemed an age. I even won­dered if it had caught it's claw and needed res­cu­ing again. Sud­denly though, it up­turned and sat there on the branch (maybe it had needed the drip- dry­ing time ) be­fore fly­ing off a few min­utes later. We have been told it is most likely a ju­ve­nile Brown Goshawk .

From Chris­tine Stock­man.

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