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Galston, Glenorie and Hills Rural News - - Church News - By Corri Bryne, Pas­tor

I’m not sure if it’s my age, a greater aware­ness, or a sign of the times … but I see so much bro­ken­ness. Peo­ple con­signed to just liv­ing out their life, as if this is ac­cept­able. That a life with­out love, joy and peace are al­most to be ex­pected.

There seems an over­whelm­ing dis­sat­is­fac­tion across the world; a lack of joy, a lack of pur­pose, a lack of mean­ing.

I sense a such a deep long­ing for a bet­ter life, and it’s not even re­stricted to age groups or so­cio eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion.

Ever in­creas­ing lev­els of anx­i­ety, de­pres­sion, ad­dic­tion, sui­cide … all at a time when the world is largely at peace. Where, at least in our so­ci­ety, we live in af­flu­ence, with choice aplenty.

So why such long­ing? Why such dis­sat­is­fac­tion? Why a lack of joy? Peace? Pa­tience?

My great­est frus­tra­tion is I have the an­swers – but ev­ery­one is too busy to lis­ten. Or too deeply grieved to be­lieve there is hope.

Scep­ti­cism is so great that the light at the end of the tun­nel is ob­vi­ously a train, likely filled with ex­plo­sives, and surely go­ing to steam roll us as we con­tinue to stag­ger through this dark­ness called life.

But there re­ally is a way. There re­ally is a light. There re­ally is hope that leads to love, joy, and peace.

The heav­i­ness of life can be cast off and re­placed by a joy­ous walk. It’s within reach and doesn’t even have to be that far away.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and bur­dened, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28

Can you ac­cept that? Can you be­lieve that peace is truly avail­able to you, even in the sit­u­a­tion you are in? Can you see that there re­ally is hope, that you can truly ex­pe­ri­ence love and joy!

ARGGGHHHH, I just want to shout from the rooftops and get your at­ten­tion.

Your life can be filled with a joy so in­ex­press­ible that you are moved to tears with the sun­rise. That you are filled with laugh­ter at the sounds of chil­dren run­ning by. That the very air you breathe is sud­denly sweeter as your hope as­cends and you look up not down.

Can you re­ceive it? Can you per­son­ally achieve it? Can this life that seems so far be yours?


All of us are bro­ken, yet not all of us live in bro­ken­ness. You too can be healed and whole and liv­ing a life on pur­pose, with mean­ing, and a sense of sat­is­fac­tion.

Why ac­cept a life of so-so, when you can have ex­tra­or­di­nary? “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may over­flow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Ro­mans 15:13

If you are in­ter­ested, can I en­cour­age you to pray a sim­ple prayer … ask the Fa­ther (aloud or qui­etly) to di­rect you to a lo­cal church, to find the right com­mu­nity and for that ex­tra­or­di­nary jour­ney to be­gin. I be­lieve in the power of prayer and know that if you ask you will re­ceive.

right con­di­tions and provided these are con­stantly main­tained, that speck will be­gin to de­velop into an embryo. Then as time passes the chicken is ac­tu­ally formed or de­vel­oped within the shell un­til the whole of the inside of the egg is filled with a liv­ing chick. Then one day it breaks the shell and the chicken is re­vealed.

The word Paul uses, ‘formed’ (Gala­tions 4:19), de­scribes such re­mark­able de­vel­op­ment. So it is with the Holy Spirit. He forms within us the char­ac­ter of Christ, do­ing His work silently and faith­fully as we al­low Him. We could say He wants to main­tain the con­di­tions un­der which this work can be car­ried on, al­ways with one aim in view: the re­pro­duc­tion of Je­sus Christ in the shell of hu­man flesh. That work will only be com­pleted when we stand be­fore Christ in glory.

The true ev­i­dence then, of the pres­ence and work of the Holy Spirit in a hu­man life, is how much of Christ may be seen in that life. Re­mem­ber, the Holy Spirit is the Un­seen One.

Christ said the Holy Spirit would not speak about Him­self but about Christ. He will al­ways hold the spot­light on Christ, not on Him­self.

(to be con­tin­ued)

Come and find out more at Bible study on Tues­days 7.30p.m. Sun­day Ser­vice, 10:00 am. all at 1409 Old North­ern Rd. Glenorie.

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