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DURAL AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC. News from History Cottage DURAL GALSTON PROBUS CLUB History Dural Galston Probus Club will hold its final meeting for the year on Thursday 20th 10am at The Galston Club, 21-25 Arcadia Road, Galston. The meeting will be followed by Christmas lunch at the Galston Club. Probus is a mixed club for retired and semi retired people who enjoy friendship,good speakers and occasional outings. Visitors are always welcome. Come along or contact Anne 9653 1004. By Michael Bell n a beautiful day in October, sixteen of our members spent an enjoyable and informativ­e time at Retford Park, Bowral. In the morning we were guided through the magnificen­t homestead. After lunch in the grounds, we wandered the gardens with a very knowledgea­ble guide. The property and contents were left to the public by the Late James Fairfax and is now in the hands of the National Trust. At $50.00 a head the tour was excellent value. Our October AGM was followed by a members’ Show and Tell. Pauline Corthorn showed us the Morse Code equipment she used as a young lady, while a most ingenious ancient electric fan, a Russian icon and modern glass were shown by others. detailed research of the men, from the surroundin­g communitie­s, who served; over 200 in all. The Cottage will close on the 9th December and open after the Christmas break on the 3rd February 2019. Our speakers and tours for next year are being arranged and members look forward to an enjoyable year. Be part of the audience for our monthly lectures and on the bus for very moderately priced tours to historical places. Remembranc­e Day found the Society members providing chairs and power to help with the two services held beside our Cenotaph. Inside History Cottage, a display gave an account of the war service of some of the local men. This display is part of the Society’s Contact the President on 96531365 for more informatio­n. Interior and exterior painting New homes Extensions Repaints Restoratio­ns ’à’hĩTĻËî»ĹķĹçõîĻÇįŦThŇàõŇįĹçõ­îĻÇįĹTîˆĹĹ õŇà’ŔTĩˆĹ‡“ĹàUĹ:TĻËĮĮ’ĩ˓ĹŕõŇàˆĹàËݓĹĻöĹĻÇTîÞŒŔ’ĩŘõî“ĹĹ ¦õĩĹĻǒËĩĹõîºõËî»ĹĮŇĒĒõĩļęę­ę Before After New shop at Rouse Hill Town Center coming soon we wish everyone a We have been painting in the Hills District for over 30 years, concentrat­ing on residentia­l painting.We paint to a very high standard, preparatio­n, priming and a combinatio­n of two and three coats is the NH\ WR D ORQJ ODVWLQJ SDLQW ÀQLVK H A P P Y N EW Y E We are reliable, we meet all OHS requiremen­ts when it comes to high work. @ĩT‡Ëî»ĹÇõŇĩįƒĹ,õïĹĻöĹ ĩ̃ĹĶTèÊķĒè =TĻŇĩ‡TřƒĹòTèʹĒè =Ňî‡TřƒĹòTèÊŀĒè =ÇõĒĹĊµ„Ĺ ŇĩTáĹ,TàáĹŅķÊŅĹ)’îĻÇŇĩĮļĹ<õTˆ„Ĺ ŇĩTáĹ-=KĹŅĊµ @’áƒĹŤŅŝ¹ĊµĹŤŅ ÇĻĻĒƒĸĸŕŕŕę¦Tv’hõõÞęvõèĸh­õŇà’ŔTĩ‡‡ŇĩTáĸ ÇĻĻĒƒĸĸŕŕŕęËîĮĻ­TºĩTèĸvõèĸ­hõŇà’ŔTĩ‡‡ŇĩTáĸ For FREE Quotes & Advice call Geoff on 0408 600 422 December 2018 | Galston Community News Read online at www.galstoncom­ 28

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