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Gavin Eg­gar reck­ons it should’ve been called ‘Naf­fia III’

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This month: ar­gu­ments in favour of Game charg­ing for PS VR demon­stra­tions, and against Mafia III’s bugs.

Hav­ing loved the first two games, I had Mafia III pre-or­dered for nearly a year. I booted it up and – wow! Graph­ics, voice act­ing, story, and that sound­track – I was blown away! The first mis­sion and pro­logue had me hooked. And that’s when it started un­rav­el­ling. This huge, beau­ti­ful-look­ing game world full of de­tail… that just be­comes a shell and quickly turns bor­ing.

I found my­self rac­ing through the bril­liant story and ig­nor­ing the world. It’s full of bugs (I con­tacted 2K about this but got no joy) and I had it a month with still no patches or fixes for the prob­lems I’d found.

I feel that the game was rushed and not fully tested. It would’ve been bet­ter as a lin­ear, story-driven shooter – the open world was just a wasted op­por­tu­nity. This is truly one of my big­gest gam­ing dis­ap­point­ments. I can’t un­der­stand how they could mess up such a great game se­ries – I doubt there will be a Mafia IV now! I have just started Gears Of War 4 in­stead, and that shows how to bring your fran­chise back the right way (al­beit it does play it very safe).

Was it rushed with pres­sure from the pub­lisher, or just a step too far on cur­rent hard­ware? I hope this doesn’t hap­pen with fu­ture se­quels (I’m look­ing at you Dead Ris­ing 4). Gavin Eg­gar, email We have to agree – given how great the game looked at pre­view stage, we were dis­ap­pointed with Mafia III. But it did sell ex­tremely well, so we reckon you al­most cer­tainly will get your Mafia IV af­ter all!

As for Dead Ris­ing 4 – see our re­view on p72 for more.

Game boy

Oh dear, GM. You have made me so an­gry I’m can­celling my sub­scrip­tion! I’m a store man­ager for Game and as much as I love your magazine I love my job even more – and your neg­a­tive com­ments in GM311 have left me in­censed! Yes, we are charg­ing cus­tomers £15 to play PS VR for half an hour, but you failed to men­tion we also of­fered a ‘£5 for 10 min­utes’ op­tion. The rea­sons we had to charge are as fol­lows:

1. Sony did not pro­vide us with a demo unit, mean­ing the com­pany had to write off a head­set per store (over 300) at £349.99 each. Do the math on that!

2. For each demo a mem­ber of staff had to be present with the cus­tomer the whole time, in­creas­ing payroll spend for each store (ap­prox 20 hours per week).

I asked ev­ery cus­tomer af­ter their demo if they felt the money they’d spent was worth it. Ev­ery one of them said yes!

Ba­si­cally we charged cus­tomers to help cover costs and be­cause we knew they would en­joy the ex­pe­ri­ence. I hope you can see my point and un­der­stand my anger. I am not speak­ing on the com­pany’s be­half, but I felt I should de­fend it all the same. J, email Thanks for your email J, it’s al­ways good to get a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive! We recog­nise that run­ning a store th­ese days isn’t easy (or cheap!), but have to ad­mit we’re not con­vinced – charg­ing peo­ple to demo tech you’re try­ing to sell them still feels wrong to us. Read­ers, are you swayed by J’s ar­gu­ment? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts!

3DS dis­missed?

I’d like to say that I feel the 3DS isn’t be­ing given the love and at­ten­tion it de­serves. True, it al­ready has some truly epic

games (Mon­ster Hunter, Zelda, Poké­mon, Street Fighter IV, An­i­mal Cross­ing, and Yokai Watch to name a few), but I think the 3DS is ca­pa­ble of de­liv­er­ing much more too, if only more gam­ing com­pa­nies were will­ing to make games for this un­der­rated con­sole.

Nowa­days, more and more gam­ing com­pa­nies are all-too-ea­ger to make their games for the big home con­soles like PS4 and Xbox, com­pletely over­look­ing the small (but mighty) 3DS. There are many games I would love to see brought to this con­sole that I think would look sim­ply amaz­ing in 3D. I’m talk­ing Fi­nal Fan­tasy, Minecraft (those cube-blocks would be shown to good ef­fect in 3D), Dragon Age, and Grand Theft Auto. Rock­star al­ready did a GTA game on the orig­i­nal DS, so why not the in­fin­itely bet­ter 3DS? Any­way, that about wraps it up. In a nut­shell: Why are gam­ing com­pa­nies over­look­ing the 3DS in favour of the ‘big’ con­soles? Jade Grey, email

3DS is a re­ally great hand­held – we have to agree there! It is a shame more out­side devel­op­ers don’t make games for it, but we sus­pect that’s Nin­tendo fail­ing to reach out to and sup­port them (as we saw with the Wii U).

With the ar­rival of Switch, we reckon 3DS’ days are num­bered, sadly – but the good news is, its hy­brid re­place­ment looks like it could have far more third-party sup­port. The pres­ence of Skyrim in the trailer is a promis­ing sign!

Wife shock

Be­ing ex­cited for the PlayS­ta­tion VR I was read­ing your Take Aim on VR hor­ror in GM310. I can imag­ine that watch­ing some­thing on a TV vs ex­pe­ri­enc­ing it in VR must be shock­ingly dif­fer­ent.

Since my wife has bought me the same piece of kit for Christ­mas, I was read­ing the ar­ti­cle out loud to her. What made me chuckle was when you de­scribed the scene from Ringu where Sadako crawls out of the TV. The rea­son be­ing this brought back mem­o­ries of a prank based on Ringu that I did on my wife a few years ago.

Ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a sim­i­lar scene first hand, my wife’s legs stopped work­ing as she dragged her­self to­wards the door to es­cape. Hope­fully we can all en­joy sim­i­lar ter­ri­fy­ing re­ac­tions with PS VR!

We had a gig­gle and I got a smack. James Wil­liams, email

“gam­ing com­pa­nies over­look the small (but mighty) 3ds”

If Mafia III could have main­tained the style and pac­ing of its lin­ear open­ing through­out, we’d have been far hap­pier.

Not ev­ery game needs an open world – a bad or half-formed one can ruin your ex­pe­ri­ence.

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