Small… But Per­fectly Formed

Best on-rails in­dies for avid trainspot­ters

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Mini Metro

Pre­pare to have new re­spect for the Lon­don Un­der­ground with this zen-like yet stress­ful sim on mo­bile and PC. Beau­ti­fully sim­ple in con­cept and de­sign, you stretch tracks across the city to keep pas­sen­gers flow­ing freely. It’s ab­surdly ad­dic­tive and the pro­ce­dural score from Disas­ter­piece is a real bonus.

the Fi­nal Sta­tion

As if it wasn’t al­ready hard enough to sur­vive the zom­bie apoca­lypse, try bring­ing your own lo­co­mo­tive into the mix. It’s a per­fect blend of pix­e­lated sur­vival and sim­u­la­tion as you pick up un­in­fected pas­sen­gers, keep your train in work­ing or­der, and hur­tle across the world. Choo choo choose this.

Pocket Tr ains

If Nim­blebit’s Tiny Tower was an ad­dic­tion for you, it’s prob­a­bly bet­ter if you don’t hand over your ticket for this 8-bit free op­tion on mo­bile. Build­ing a rail em­pire has never been quite this easy, adorable, or ab­surdly tempt­ing when it comes to just one more mi­cro­trans­ac­tion. Per­fect for the daily com­mute.

Train Val­ley

If you want your very own ver­sion of a toy train set, this beau­ti­ful puz­zler lets you con­trol sig­nals and sid­ings, and plan a net­work across the coun­try in mul­ti­ple time pe­ri­ods around the world. Watch where you build that track though. Start dec­i­mat­ing vil­lages and no one likes it much. HS2 any­one?

Bounty Tr ain

You’ve got a lot more to deal with in the Wild West dur­ing the 19th cen­tury than a few an­gry com­muters who didn’t get their Pret latte. This Early Ac­cess sim lets you take to the rails of North Amer­ica with a full crew and real his­tor­i­cal events to en­counter as you trade your way across the de­vel­op­ing con­ti­nent.

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