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Cloudy with a chance of pain

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You’ve heard of Burmese, Maine Coon, and even Munchkin (aww, those ’ickle legs) but the hero of this 16-bit side scroller might just sur­prise you. You’re a slug­cat and that means ex­plor­ing an apoc­a­lyp­tic world as a furry and slightly gloopy pro­tag­o­nist. No, don’t run away! He’s still cute and he needs you to help him find his fam­ily in a hideous aban­doned in­dus­trial en­vi­ron­ment where rain that will crush your bones keeps an­i­mals in hid­ing. See? Now you’re in­ter­ested. It might look like a sim­ple side-scrolling plat­former, but Rain World is hid­ing an open-world nar­ra­tive that lets you ex­plore in any di­rec­tion you like. More than 1000 pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated rooms ap­pear with ev­ery playthrough, and this is a truly deadly en­vi­ron­ment. In­cred­i­bly, ev­ery en­emy ex­ists here with its own au­ton­omy. While the ma­jor­ity of the an­i­mals in this rain soaked night­mare un­der­stand­ably want to kill you, it’s only be­cause they’re hun­gry and want to sur­vive. The bizarre crea­tures across the world – hello, gi­ant skele­ton bird – will also re­mem­ber your ac­tions. Act vi­o­lently to­wards a peace­ful an­i­mal and not only will he re­mem­ber but his en­tire tribe won’t let you for­get when you find a whole room of them. So re­mem­ber to mind your man­ners.

Wa­ter shock

And it won’t just be fin­ished in one go. There are 12 dif­fer­ent main nar­ra­tive end­ings avail­able de­pen­dent on how you stay alive. Shel­ter is key and an um­brella in this wet world doesn’t seem to be an op­tion. For the unique move­ment of the slug­cat – think a some­how nim­ble obese kitty – de­signer Joar Jakob­s­son has mixed code with tra­di­tional an­i­ma­tion to cre­ate a fas­ci­nat­ing blend of physics. Add in four player com­pet­i­tive game­play with death­matches, en­durance, and cus­tom chal­lenges, and Rain World is an in­trigu­ing of­fer­ing that has us won­der­ing if slug­cats would make good pets. We’d like it meow please.

The game was first re­vealed in 2012, when it was called Maze Run­ner. It was funded on Kick­starter in 2014, but the tiny team of two is fi­nally al­most fin­ished.

For­mat PS4, PC Dev Videocult ETA Spring 2017 Web http://bit.ly/gm­rain­world

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