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Like peas in a cephalo­pod

99Imag­ine if an oc­to­pus got sud­denly mas­sive, and his ten­ta­cles were no longer squishy and rub­bery, but the grafted-on bodies of other an­i­mals. That’s Plants vs. Zom­bies cre­ator Ge­orge Fan’s ter­ri­fy­ing thought ex­per­i­ment-turned-game, in which you con­trol the tit­u­lar Oc­toged­don as he seeks to de­stroy the world by grow­ing new limbs, such as a snake that spits poi­son, a cluck­ing chicken shoot­ing eggy pro­jec­tiles, an an­gry crab’s pin­cer, and a sting-happy bum­ble bee. Con­ceived dur­ing the Ludum Dare 2012 game jam, Fan has re­cruited sev­eral other PvE alumni to help make his dream an eight-legged re­al­ity.

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