Lit­tle Night­mares

The Maw the mer­rier

Games Master - - Feature -

In this Tim Bur­ton-es­que fan­tasy hor­ror, you play a young girl called Six who, af­ter be­ing kid­napped, finds her­self trapped in the sur­real un­der­sea re­sort of The Maw. If you’re a mem­ber of the elite it’s a utopia. If you’re not, well, try not to gag as you make your way through a kitchen where flabby chefs carve ques­tion­able cuts of meat, their pres­ence forc­ing Six to duck be­hind coun­ters and scam­per up sausage-mak­ing ma­chines. We’d hate to see what the pool’s like. Game­play is a puz­zle-plat­form­ing blend, so ex­pect plenty of climb­ing, scram­bling, push­ing, and pulling as you try to safely guide Six through the eerie, creepy-as-all-Hell world and to her es­cape.

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