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Peak in­ter­est


The next game from Tow­erFall in­die dev Matt Thor­son, Ce­leste is a sin­gle-player plat­former that tasks play­ers with wall-jump­ing and dash­ing through a se­ries of hazard strewn cav­erns to the sum­mit of a moun­tain. Spikes, traps, col­laps­ing ledges and pur­su­ing clones (which fol­low a split-sec­ond be­hind the ag­ile pix­e­lated pro­tag­o­nist) are all wait­ing to make you dead. And you will be dead a lot – the plat­form­ing can best be de­scribed as ‘chal­leng­ing’. Ce­leste is ac­tu­ally a re-imag­in­ing of a game Thorston cre­ated in four days and you can give it a whirl here: http://bit.ly/gm­mattmakes

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