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Could be a mon­ster

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63 The word ‘wight’ comes from olden times English and is used to de­scribe a crea­ture or liv­ing sen­tient be­ing. In this am­bi­tious RPG, the first project from a new stu­dio co-founded by ex-Bat­tle­field devs, you get to play as one such non-hu­man. It’s set in an al­ter­nate re­al­ity of the Vik­ing era, in which “hu­mans share the world with the last rem­nant of a for­got­ten species of in­tel­li­gent crea­tures”, ac­cord­ing to The Out­siders CCO David Gold­farb. And what, ex­actly, does one do when be­ing a wight? Well, in this in­stance, if you’re not skulk­ing around in caves avoid­ing vikes, you’re evis­cer­at­ing them with your big mon­ster claws. How… de-wight-ful.

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