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In a non­de­script home some­where in Eng­land, you wake up one day with no mem­ory. For a change, the lo­cal Wether­spoons is not to blame. What’s hap­pened in­stead is you’ve got am­ne­sia, and to make things worse, a ghostly pres­ence called Lily keeps show­ing up. And she’s hid­den your fam­ily. To ban­ish Lily and find your loved ones, you must solve puz­zles and sur­vive over five nights – a fright­en­ing prospect when the at­mos­phere’s so thick with ten­sion. There’s black mould be­tween bath­room tiles, Lem­sip boxes near un­made beds, and in­ter­ac­tive taps over dirty dishes. Like a PT set in Hemel Hemp­stead.

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