Tokyo 42

Out of the fry­ing Ja­pan, into the fire

Games Master - - Feature -

83 Ful­fill con­tracts by as­sas­si­nat­ing bad guys in this eye-catch­ingly stylish ac­tioner that’s part Hit­man, and part clas­sic GTA. In a ge­nius move to dodge au­di­ence nar­row­ing adult ratings, mur­der here doesn’t ac­tu­ally count as mur­der. Nano Meds, which are hand­ily in­stalled into bodies of the fu­ture, re­vive downed tar­gets af­ter 90 sec­onds, so re­ally you’re only rais­ing their in­sur­ance pre­mi­ums. That’ll help to keep your con­science squeaky clean af­ter cap­ping some­one with a sniper ri­fle and then run­ning them over on a bike. The mul­ti­player is rather in­trigu­ing too. Here you’ll don all man­ner of dis­guises (in­clud­ing just go­ing nude) and blend in with AI crowds be­fore strik­ing.

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